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Ideas of educational activities for educators of kindergarten and elementary school.

Ideas that lead to other ideas, enhanced and multiplied.

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Pedagogical Activities


Activities that inform, entertain, challenge and propose questions.
Activities which deal various issues in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. way.


Developing skills by free creation and imagination.
Stimulation of manual activities involving problem solving, teamwork, acquisition of motor skills and aesthetic sense.

Games and Play

We can play wherever we are and anything becomes a toy. In the exploration of roles and rules, children know themselves and each other, give wings to the imagination, in short, learn through play.


It is not just to do and eat. The kitchen is a laboratory that awakens the senses and requires knowledge.

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Reading Material         

Sheet of Reading and Complementary Activities

A way to stimulate the reading with short, interesting and fun texts which will always be accessible to the curious little hands of the students. Everything works to this purpose: comics, news, biographies, fables, stories, poems ... And there is always an exercise or a question about the text.

Work of Collaborators and Complementary Activities

The desire to transmit an opinion, teachings or experiences need not necessarily materialize in book form. Collaborators can submit their works so they can be exploited in an educational way.

Recommended Books and Complementary Activities

What child does not like going to a bookstore or library? What child does not like to hear a good story or dive into the world of letters and pictures?
But which book to choose? Certainly, it is best to go flipping through and reading until you find what you like, but an indication of someone who has read and liked a book always helps.


Project-Based Learning 

Examples of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work

Many educators are realizing the richness of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work that provides students with a learning based on solving real problems of individual or collective interests, while complying with the curriculum. In other words, working the program content of each series in a more meaningful and effective way because they are all protagonists in the development of the project and in the production of knowledge.

 People Who Make It Happen

Examples of actions that make a difference

These actions have something to add to improving the human condition. They are models of attitudes that must be known and studied for encouraging further action in this direction.

They are very rich material to be worked in the classroom because they bring questions (Why did they emerge? How was the social scene that time? What difficulties they face / have faced? What is the result? ...) And are current. Children deserve to know what happens in the world and what is possible to do with people who make it happen.

Sharing Experiences

19/09/2012 10:18

Students from Colégio Santo Américo create virtual travel diary

Travel Blog reports on little known cities in Europe   Since two years ago, students from 9th grade of elementary school of Colégio Santo Américo carry out a different and creative work in the discipline of geography, with the support of the Department of Informatics. Each pair of...


09/08/2012 10:41

Santo Américo College develops project of mathematics inspired by the 2012 Olympics

Initiative helps develop logical and structural thinking, making the learning of first degree equations more attractive   All eyes are turned to the London Olympics 2012 and Santo Américo College could not be different. To go further in the mood, students of 7th grade of Elementary...


02/08/2012 16:49

Article about using newspaper in the classroom as teaching material

ABOUT SCHOOL AND NEWSPAPERS Denise Masson (Portuguese teacher of Colégio Santo Américo)   For a long time, much has been discussed about ways to transform the school work in practices that actually have some meaning in the face of many opportunities that life offers. We've all...


20/05/2012 12:15

High School "Colégio Santo Américo" students held discussions on sustainability inspired by "RIO +20"

In June, Brazil will host the Rio +20 conference bringing together leaders of the 193 States of the United Nations (United Nations) to discuss ways of making the planet a better place to live, including to the future generations. Thinking further engage its students in current issues, the...


17/05/2012 09:41

"Colégio Santo Américo" awakened interest in history with the project of creating magazine covers

Modern Europe has been the subject of the project of the covers of history magazines, developed by students of the 8th grade of elementary school of the "Colégio Santo Américo", under the guidance of Professor Rachel Funari, in partnership with the IT Department. The initial proposal...


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Date: 05/11/2012

By: WebEducador - Sandra Ninomiya

Subject: Spanish texts

Joselia is asking for texts in Spanish to work with their high school students. If you can help, I would be very grateful if you send materials.
Thank you.